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GoodRx is a FREE service that helps individuals compare and save on their prescription drugs. Visit

Your pharmacy may not have the best price.

What most people don’t realize is that prescriptions can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. You could walk across the street from one pharmacy to another and see a possibly $100 difference in one prescription. GoodRx helps you determine what pharmacy has the best price for your specific prescription on their easy to use website and mobile app.

A good option for those who are uninsured.

For those without insurance, going to a pharmacy for prescriptions can be very high. GoodRx benefits uninsured with a variety of ways to save up to 80% or more by providing coupons, manufacture discounts, cheaper alternative drugs, and tips for lowering your costs.

Better prices than an insurance plan or Medicare?

Maybe. Many insurance companies may have drug deductibles or tier structures that require you cover a portion of your prescription costs.  Additionally, there may be some drugs that are not covered under your plan.  It may be beneficial to take a moment to do comparison between how your drugs are covered under your insurance vs. how they’d be covered using the GoodRx discount program.

PRO TIP: You can order a GoodRx card to keep in your wallet. When you go to the pharmacy ask the pharmacist to calculate your prescription cost using your insurance vs. using GoodRx for comparison.  Use whichever provides the greatest savings.

GoodRx coupons

Not only can GoodRx help you figure out which pharmacy has the best price for your prescriptions, they also have coupons that you can use to maximum your savings.

Save money even with your pets

GoodRx is not only for humans. They even works with your pets’ prescriptions. Just use the website to search your pet’s drugs to find the best price.